Accumulator Water Tank for RO Reverse Osmosis Systems

Maintaining the proper air pressure in your water accumulator storage tank is extremely important for proper performance of your RO reverse osmosis system.  Water pressure is stored as air pressure in the water tank.  One side of the internal bladder is air and one side is water. 


Reverse Osmosis water tank

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Most Reverse Osmosis systems use an ASV Auto Shutoff Valve that stops the system once the tank pressure reaches 66% of the incoming water pressure.  While this method works well on city water that remains at a constant pressure, it is less than ideal for well water.  For this reason it is usually recomended on well water to use a RO Revese Osmosis system that uses a pump to create proper incoming water pressure.

Tank air pressure for small tanks from 2 gallons to 14 gallons will typically be set at 7 PSI.  The tank must be empty of water and the tank valve and faucet fully open to relieve all pressure.  Then measure the air pressure on the schrader air valve stem.  This may be covered by a plastic or rubber cap to protect the valve. 


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